Take on a new challenge!
E4NET is looking forward to working with you.

E4NET People

E4NET is looking for passionate individuals who never give up and are ready
to dedicate themselves while displaying ethicality as their basic trait.

Ethical and faithful to the basics

  • No lies and no pretending
  • Those with upstanding values who are considerate of others
  • Those who earnestly carry out their duties the best they can


  • Those who will continuously strive for professional competency
  • Those who can quickly learn what they do not know
  • Those who spread what they know to others

Cheerful at work

  • Those who are passionate about their work
  • Those who successfully manage work-related risks, uncertainty, and stress
  • Those who proactively handle changes in trends and take on the resulting new challenges

Cooperative with others

  • Those who respect individuality while thinking of the whole team
  • Those who invest their utmost efforts to tasks and become a vital member of the team
  • Those who contribute to creating a humane society by helping those less fortunate

Job Opportunity

E4NET is for people with passion.

Basic benefits

  • 5-day work week + 4 major social insurance covered
  • Medical examination covered
  • Medical fees covered
  • Optional benefits package
  • Birthday presents
  • Incentive system
  • Reward vacations for long-term employees
  • Overseas training for outstanding employees
  • Condo reservations
  • Club activities covered
  • Housing funds loan
  • School expenses for employee children covered
  • Family events covered
  • Tomorrow's Youth Public Support Fund