20 Years of Experience
E4NET has provided support for services and solutions for
payment, membership/point, blockchain, and IT governance

Payment Services

E4NET builds various payment services using the existing payment methods (e.g., credit cards)
and the newest ones (e.g., QR codes and cryptocurrency).
Our payment services are enabled with the blockchain technology, strengthening security.

Card service

  • Credit card service
  • Check card service
  • Prepaid card service
  • Welfare card service

Easy payment service

  • Pre-payment service
  • P2P payment service
  • Cryptocurrency payment service
  • Pay payment service

Payment environment

  • QR code payment
  • Barcode payment
  • Mobile payment

Financial security solutions

  • Blockchain usage certification
  • Mobile phone certification
  • Card certification
  • Overseas remittance service

Membership/Point Services

E4NET provides membership and point services for organizations and franchises.
Giving rewards to customers of franchises via our services encourages loyalty for brands
and franchises as well as creating different marketing bases to attract customers.

Membership service

  • Membership registration/lookup services
  • Issuance services of registered/non-registered affiliation membership cards

Affiliated store service

  • Point saving service
  • Point redemption service

Franchise promotion service

  • Franchise point saving/redemption promotion service
  • Membership promotion services
  • Combined promotion services for membership cards and franchises

Blockchain Services

E4NET has developed its understanding, competency for projects and technology for 20+ years in the business domain, enabling clients to integrate their financial/public/medical services with blockchain technology.

Business transformation enabled by blockchain

Discovery and planning of potential blockchain-enabled services

Public sector solutions

Financial sector solutions

Medical information sector solutions

Cloud Services

E4NET has helped clients to build customer services running on AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.


(Amazon Web Services)

Google Cloud

(Google Cloud platform)

MS Azure

(Microsoft Azure Cloud)

IT Governance Services

E4NET builds IT governance services customized to clients’ needs specific to every stage of their IT lifecycle with its 7 self-developed solutions.

ITGMS (IT Governance Management System), a solution optimized for IT governance, consists of stage-based primary package systems for the IT lifecycle. Its configuration can be customized to the specific needs of businesses and public agencies.


PPM (Program and Project Management)
PMS (Project Management System)

Operation Management

SRMS (IT Service Management)
ITRMS (IT Resource Management)

Performance Evaluation

ITROM (IT Operation Performance Management)
ITROI (IT Investment Performance Management)

Architecture Management

EAMS (Enterprise Architecture Management)

E4NET uses a modularized solution engine to build quick and automated services customized to clients.

The following engines for automation and processing are modularized to easily apply them to solutions when needed, improving user convenience and work efficiency.

System Utilization Analytics

Analyzes system usage patterns through packets/logs/scripts


Adds processes for work areas including
project management, service management, etc.

Automated Modeling Tool

Dynamically visualizes information about processes and architectures

RFID (Partner Companies)

Collects and manages
(inventory inspection)
asset information

Asset Collection Agent

Automatically collects IT asset information

Solutions for data collection/processing/analytics/monitoring

E4NET OWLOG Solution collects and processes a variety of customer information and provides fast
and accurate searching and monitoring services.
This solution enables fast and stable collection and management of bulk customer information,
optimized for IT operation logs, IoT, or big data services.

Data Collection

Collects log data in real-time


Provides a Google-like intuitive searching
feature for professional engineers


Offers a dashboard
and alerting
service based on logs

Pattern detection/

Automatically detects various log file patterns of businesses
and recommends patterns


Supports enterprise-grade logs of hundreds of terabytes
(a stable platform)