Experience improved business performance using our advanced translation
and language service.

Professional Translation

Domestic and overseas businesses in various sectors are utilizing E4NET's professional translation services.

IT, Electronics

Automobiles, Machinery

Traveling, Accommodations

Biotechnology, Medicine

Management, Banking, Finance

Images, Media

Fashion, Cosmetics

Patents, Law


E4NET provides interpretation services for important seminars, meetings,
and training. All interpretation projects require thorough preparation and expertise.
Try E4NET's interpretation services now. Professional business interpreters with expertise are ready
to work with you for effective communication.

Simultaneous Interpretation

E4NET's interpretation service is ideal for international conferences and seminars. Two interpreters per language provide interpretations and finalize preparations before gatherings. E4NET prepares all required equipment for simultaneous interpretation including receivers and soundproof booths.

Consecutive Interpretation

Ideal for scaled-down conferences, training, and workshops. E4NET's professional interpreters ensure smooth communication at your gathering after making thorough preparations for providing interpretations for various matters.


With the rich experience of translating multiple languages for global enterprises, E4NET guarantees the best quality
of multi-language translation for your product and websites.

77 different languages

Partnership with 135 translation
companies around the world

Europe, Latin America, Africa, Southeast Asia,
and the Middle East

Machine Translation

Quickly respond to changes in the global market with E4MT, a neural network-based automatic translation system.

Machine Translation

For data collection and quick translation on
a limited budget

MT Review

For moderate-quality translation of materials
for foreign disclosure on a reduced budget

Various NMT engines

Self-developed E4NMT plus common MTs
from Google, Microsoft, etc.

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AI Data cleansing and NLU generation

Boost AI performance by developing a good-quality corpus.

Generating Corpus

  • Creates a rich set of voice/text data
  • Processes varied language/gender/region-specific data
  • Develops a structure and tagging ideal for AI and chatbots

Processing Machine Learning Data

  • Refines and elaborates the data necessary for machine learning engines